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HR-Sense Payroll provides the capacity to process, monitor and analyze a high volume of employees and their related transactions in an integrated manner, for each of the functions required for a payroll process. This business solution offers significant capability to define income and deduction formulas, benefits, tables, etc., in a user friendly and flexible manner, as well as the capability to process the organization payroll using the information gathered through electronic clocks in an integrated manner with the human resources application module. At the same time the payroll process generates electronic fund transfers using the ACH format, and regulatory, as well as financial reports.

HR-Sense Payroll is simple to use! Its flexible features, including user-definable earnings, deductions and employer contributions code, make payroll processing easy and provides everything you need to do your payroll quickly, while eliminating time-consuming, manual data entry and potential errors it can cause. Never again spend time calculating vacation, sick, compensatory time and many others.

Key Features
  • Personal information management
  • Employee notes T-Form
  • Employee photo
  • Capability to create and maintain employee record
  • Business group organization definition
  • User defined withheld tax table
  • Relevant dates (i.e. date in position, original hire, last hire date, permanent date, termination date, etc.)
  • Information regarding position, job, salary grade
  • Integrated detailed vacation and sick or others leave information management
  • Complete control of employees to be processed in payroll
  • Detailed information of user defined earnings and deductions and employer contributions (Up to 3,000 of each type with multiple formulas available)
  • Interface with Kronos, Simplex, Time Track, among others
  • Bank reconciliation, based on electronic data
  • Management of multiples pay frequency
  • Payroll calculation may be automatic, manual or based on electronic clock data
  • 401(k) Calculation/Company Match, pre-tax or after tax
  • Electronic Fund Transfer files with private or standard (NACHA) formats
  • ASUME Electronic deposit definition
  • Payment Methods include check, direct deposit or combination of both direct deposit and check
  • Check register printing
  • Currency distribution report
  • Payroll Totals Reports
  • Regular vs. Premium pays reports
  • Summary or detailed payroll registers
  • Audit trail reports
  • General ledger account Distribution and Interface. (Either ASCII, Oracle Financials, JD Edwards, SAP)
  • GL Summary and Detailed Reports
  • Government Periodic Reporting.( Worker's Compensation, DOL File Transfers,W2 Forms and Magnetic file, Chauffeur, Quarter and Year to Date Reports)

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