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  Your Human Resources Department best Resource
HR-Sense Human Resources (HR) is a powerful tool for optimizing your company's human capital. Whether your organization operates in the public or private sector, HR-Sense HR allows all businesses to adopt a knowledge management structural approach to attracting, retaining, developing, and training of organization personnel. As part of the HR-Sense Suite, this system module is fully integrated with our payroll application system. including:

It is a solution to automate your entire employee cycle, including:

  • Absenteeism Tracking Module
  • Affirmative Actions (EEO)
  • Assessments and Appraisals
  • Benefits Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Drug Testing Administration
  • Organization, Education and Skills
  • Personnel Actions Administration
  • Pre-Employment Processing
  • Training's Management
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • OSHA Log - OSHA incident log help you occupational safety and health in your organization
Key Features
Pre-Employment Processing
Organizes and manages all information related to applicants facilitating the recruitment process. This information integrates the administrative efforts to produce the EEO applicant logs.
Absenteeism Tracking
Complete attendance history of the employees. It provides graphic and uniform tools that allow management to analyze any pattern of absenteeism immediately. This module allows the comparison of absenteeism by months or years. All these analysis can be seen throughout the different organizational levels.
Compensation Analysis
A detailed analysis of employee compensation. It provides information indispensable for decision-making regarding compensation plans, projection and history of increases among the different organizational levels, positions, etc.
Affirmative Action Plan (EEO
One of the most important tools in analyzing the demographic component of the workforce of our firm. This module provides all logs needed to comply with the plan as well as on-line tools to verify and apply metric tests.
Benefits Management
The most complex tasks in the Human Resources Department. This module provides management of benefits packages for workforce allowing full control of costs. Among others, reports are available by employee, by benefit plan, and benefit statement.
Training's Management
The employee-training module allows the creation of a training curriculum for each position. It also provides the capacity to generate certifications in specialized subject matters. This tool allows a history with sequence control every time training is modified. In addition, it is capable of matching each training to an SOP, if needed. It keeps a history of changes to the SOP.
Assessments Module
Allows configuration of innumerable tools to measure performance. These instruments can be adapted according to the position and responsibilities of each one of our employees. Maintains a history of employees' evaluations, detailed reports of the evaluations, the employee evaluation form and online results of your last evaluation.

HR-Sense HR allows you to automate all aspects of the business-to-employee relationship to achieve drastic productivity gains and cost savings throughout your workforce through the use of tools such as self-service and workflow. Business-to-employee enables you to transform traditional human resources processes, and as a result, you can cut costs, introduce real time intelligence, respond rapidly to changes, and empower HR professionals to become strategic partners. An end-to-end Internet strategy ensures that everyone who needs to work with any type of human capital can do so on-line as part of a single, coherent system of people management throughout your enterprise.

HR-Sense HR enables your organization to work with a single global data repository for all people management activities. Such activities include: attracting and retaining key performers, deploying employees to mission-critical projects, compensating employees, managing contingent labor, training new skills, assessing the performance of your salespeople, understanding how employee turnover will affect revenue, or planning expansion into new markets. Consolidating data in this way allows for improved analysis of cost saving opportunities and detection of significant trends, as well as better hiring and deployment decisions.

Locate and Manage Talent
HR-Sense HR allows you to manage recruitment, hiring and deployment on a global basis to ensure that you can hire the right talent no matter where they are located. You can hold information in the correct format with full validation of addresses, currency, data formats, banking details, payment methods, and office locations.
Save Time When Integrating with HR-Sense Time & Attendance
Eliminate data redundancy and save time when you integrate HR-Sense Attendance Tracking with HR-Sense Time & Attendance - Powered by Stromberg. Automatically carry over accrual information into HR-Sense HR for each attendance plan. Change accrual rates with leave accrual module based upon seniority level multiplied by number of hours per work period. Increase you level of detail and accuracy with HR-Sense added leave accrual calculations for pay period and hours worked. This solution also provides assurance accurate record-keeping with automatic posting of absence transactions to HR-Sense Attendance Tracking.
Maintain Maximum Security of Sensitive Data
HR-Sense protects key information with multi-level security. Powerful security options allow you to control which groups level have access to data at any level. Create and assign an unlimited number of user ID's and passwords. Easily follow audit trails to identify who made each change by date, time, terminal and type of change.
Obtain value information via report and reporting tools
Over 100 reports such as Head Count, EEO, Citizen Verification New Hire, Terminations, Absenteeism percent help you accurately comply with government regulations and analyze your workforce.

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