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  Date: 12/1/2008
  Author: Business Puerto Rico, Edition 6
During the annual Human Resources Conference, “control at ease” held in October at the Condado Plaza Hotel and Casino Carlos Ramírez, EVERTEC’s Vice President of Business Development showcased their new web-based time and attendance software, HR Sense e-Time and Attendance.

With this software, which replaces the old time card, employees, human resource managers, supervisors and management have real-time access to attendance records from anywhere in the world, at any time, with up to the minute information. The American Payroll Association estimates that digitizing time and attendance functions reduces costs by 5% and the software establishes useful control measures. This new software compliments and expands upon EVERTEC’s original HR Time and Attendance program by taking the quantum leap into cyberspace, which allows the data to be worked and accessed outside the confines of the office by both employees working in the field and managers away on travel assignments.

“Our mission is to bring technology to every company in the Caribbean and all of our clients abroad so that they can lower their costs and enjoy a more efficient level of control over their operations, as well as comply with existing regulations. As their day to day processes improve, our customers will have a competitive edge over their rivals, as automated and digital payroll functions become streamlined, and errors in bookkeeping are minimized,” explained Ramírez.

The software has the added bonus of integrating local time and attendance regulations, for example, for non-exempt employees, with penalties for extra time consumed, penalties for working without a break, etc. thus lifting the responsibility away from the department of having to do the work manually while at the same time complying with current legislation. Another bonus is that it eliminates what is known as the “buddy punch” through the use of individual biometrics for each employee.

“In Puerto Rico there are companies that have similar systems, but they use a client/server model which implies that software has to be installed in each machine being used. By basing our product in the internet, HR Sense e-Time and Attendance is installed in cyberspace, which means any computer with internet connection and the right password has access to it,” said Cosme.

Cosme explains that this program is targeted towards companies that have from 50 to 10,000 employees, which means that there are approximately 230 potential clients for the services in Puerto Rico. “Another great attribute of this software is that it is adaptable to all existing time and attendance programs on the market, so a company does not have to lay out any extra cash to implement our system. “This software is part of our commitment to keep improving our client’s HR processes with the latest technology available, and part of an initiative to move all of our products and services to a web-based platform.” As a side benefit, being web-based has the added benefit of using less paper, saving on storage for the paper, and reducing waste generated from using paper. Without the need for a timecard, all functions become virtually paperless.

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