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  Is Technology Really Necessary to streamline human resources management?
  Date: 9/25/2008
  Author: Caribbean Business Staff
Our lives today are surrounded by the manifestations of technology, which has grown by quantum leaps and bounds to a level that almost certainly surpasses anything that could have been imagined just a few years ago. It is certainly no secret that technology has evolved to the point that no modern business enterprise can survive without it, particularly companies eager to maintain uninterrupted growth and overcome the challenges to compete in the global marketplace.

In response to this challenge, companies such as EVERTEC offer clients advanced computerized business solutions, including the HR- SENSE Software Suite, which makes it easier to manage your human resources needs and process your payroll. These solutions provide products and services equipped with the features Puerto Rico’s business enterprises require if they are to achieve greater efficiencies in human resources management through integrated payroll processing, personnel management, and time and attendance tracking.

“Our product complies with all applicable Commonwealth and federal regulations,” said Carlos Ramírez, EVERTEC’s executive vice president for business development. “HR Solutions includes a broad spectrum of digital solutions, a number which were developed by our own in-house design team.

Furthermore, EVERTEC boasts its own customer service call center on the island, which is staffed by professionals trained in human resources management and payroll processing, who also speak our clients’ preferred language.

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